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No two cakes are ever alike--this is your special day and your wedding cake should reflect that. Before every consultation, I give my brides two assignments:


First spend some time looking through magazines and on the web, searching for photographs of cakes that have a look you love. When we meet, we'll look through photographs of cakes I've made, then we'll examine all the visual elements that you love, and design a custom cake that will wow you and your guests!


Second, you and your fiancé talk about what sweet delights the two of you love best. Don't limit the conversation to cake--do you love Butterfingers? Cheesecake? Banana pudding? Crème brulee? Let's build a wedding cake around your favorite flavors. Beautiful is very important, but so is flavor--after all, it is a cake! Often my brides will say "I want to have something to please everyone so let's go with something plain." My response--if "something plain" is what YOU love best, I'm all for it. But this is your wedding day, and your cake should please YOU! I don't know anyone who goes into a restaurant and orders "something plain" for dessert. If you get something that you love, your guests will love it too!


Because of the individual way I like to plan cakes with you, I don't have a set list of flavors--I'm open to anything and you never know when we might come up with something neither of us has thought of before!


Each cake is created completely from scratch using the finest and freshest ingredients.

Can't decide on one flavor? Why not choose multiple flavors for no additional charge. One caveat--your cake might not go as far since some of your guests will want to sample both flavors!


Need a groom's cake? A groom's cake comes from an old tradition. The cakes are usually playful and reflect an interest of the groom or an amusing side of his personality. They can be served at the rehearsal dinner or at the wedding reception. I would love to help you design a custom cake for the groom.



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